The Lukyns Flock

The Lukyns flock was founded in 2003 by John & Sarah Dunsdon with the purchase of a group of ewe lambs from Mr Ticklers Kelby Flock which was established back in 1968 and being one of the oldest flocks.

The flock is managed on permanent grassland in the Surrey Hills in an Environmentally Sensitive Area by Sarah Dunsdon.

We decided to use rams from Mr Jim Dufosees Blackhill flock these were to be the backbone in generating the Lukyns ewe.


What kind of stock do we have?

We are regular exhibitors at a number of shows and are delighted that our stock have been winners in both the Poll Dorset and Mixed Classes.

In particular our outstanding ewes and ewe lambs have achieved first on a number of occasions in strongly well represented classes.

All our ewe replacements are home bred and we sell pedigree registered ewe lambs throughout the year, each supplied with an individual record card.

1st Prize Ram Lamb
Surrey County Show


1st Prize Reserve Champion Wool On The Hoof South Of England


1st Prize Ewe Lamb Royal County of Berkshire Show

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The Lukyns Flock News

We are very pleased to have been able to purchase Mr & Mrs Wyatt's Cissbury Flock of Poll Dorsets. This flock has already produced many show winning animals in and around the South East of England.

Having already purchased a Cissbury Ram in 2008 that has produced first class animals when put with the Lukyns Ewes, we are delighted to have a group of in lamb Ewes that have lambed and will be put to a Huish Ram to lamb in the Spring.

  • David Rossitors Huish K135

  • This cracking young animal as well as having the Huish stamp also benefits from being sired by Ballytaggart ram Hotsuff  bringing proven excellent traits from the Irish breeder Mr Thomas Wright.

  • Robert Richard Holes Sherborne K7R64

  • This ram has lovely characteristics out of the proven Sherborne Dominator we are confident that he will produce some great offspring with the clean lines of the Sherborne flock

  • Mrs J Wyatt's Cissbury K130

    He has great presence and sired by Blackhill Flavour

  • This ram performed as a ram lamb gaining 1st Champion and champion Wool on the Hoof against some top class down breeds.

More News on Dorset Sheep that you may not be aware of

  • Dorset Poll were introduced to France in 1967 and are officially recognised by UPRA (042). Dorset Horns were introduced to France in 2004 and made available to other sheep breeders in Europe.

  • Dorset Horns have the unique ability to produce lambs at any time of year and up to twice a year that make ideal terminal sires in almost any flock. Dorset Poll lambs, fattened for the butcher, are renowned for the quantity and exceptional quality of their tender and delicately flavoured meat.

  • Related breeds of sheep

    The Somerset is related, but is larger and has a pink nose. (The Dorset's is white.)
    The Portland, is a smaller, primitive Dorset breed that takes its name from the Isle of Portland and was once common all over Dorset, with a dressed weight of 10 lbs. per quarter.

  • 1st Prize Surrey County Show Ram Lamb

  • Shearling Ewe 1st and Reserve Champion Surrey County

  • Also 1st and Reserve Champion South of England Show


  • For two consecutive years our ram lamb came first and this very proud shearling also came first in a class of twelve beating our other entered shearling into second place!
  • She then went on to be placed Reserve Breed Champion

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