The Lukyns Flock

The Lukyns flock was founded in 2003 by John & Sarah Dunsdon with the purchase of a group of ewe lambs from Mr Ticklers Kelby Flock which was established back in 1968 and being one of the oldest flocks.

The flock is managed on permanent grassland in the Surrey Hills in an Environmentally Sensitive Area by Sarah Dunsdon.

We decided to use rams from Mr Jim Dufosees Blackhill flock these were to be the backbone in generating the Lukyns ewe.


What kind of stock do we have?

We are regular exhibitors at a number of shows and are delighted that our Rams and Ewes have been winners in both the Poll Dorset and Mixed Classes, winning Breed.Championships and Best in Show.

All our ewe replacements are home bred and we sell pedigree registered Ram and Ewe Lambs throughout the year, each supplied with an individual record card.

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Our Hampers

  • Our Prime Dorset Lamb is renowned for its tenderness and quality
    All our lambs are pedigee Poll Dorset and reared with their mothers at the foot of the Surrey Hills

    Despite originating from the Dorset Downs, the Dorset ewe can easily adapt to different climates. The Dorset ewe also has excellent maternal characteristics and provides ample milk for its offspring. In summary, the Dorset breed is hardy, easy to handle, versatile, profitable and ideal for farming practices in the Surrey Hills!

    TFor the hampers, they are carefully selected and prepared using traditional methods, that involves the meat being hung for several days in a temperature controlled larder to allow the full develop of flavour and tenederness

    We use only a master butcher who will prepare and present various cuts of meat to the highest standards

    This is then packed in an insulated hamper and delivered to your door by special courier next morning, or collected.

    We rear a limited number of lambs each year and therefore, can only supply a limited number of hampers.

    For more information on how to obtain a hamper, please call us direct on 01483 277605


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