The Lukyns Flock

The Lukyns flock was founded in 2003 by John & Sarah Dunsdon with the purchase of a group of ewe lambs from Mr Ticklers Kelby Flock which was established back in 1968 and being one of the oldest flocks.

The flock is managed on permanent grassland in the Surrey Hills in an Environmentally Sensitive Area by Sarah Dunsdon.

We decided to use rams from Mr Jim Dufosees Blackhill flock these were to be the backbone in generating the Lukyns ewe.


What kind of stock do we have?

We are regular exhibitors at a number of shows and are delighted that our Rams and Ewes have been winners in both the Poll Dorset and Mixed Classes, winning Breed.Championships and Best in Show.

All our ewe replacements are home bred and we sell pedigree registered Ram and Ewe Lambs throughout the year, each supplied with an individual record card.

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Lukyns Traditional Lamb

  • We have found the Poll Dorset to produce consistently good meat lambs which we supply a local Quality Master butcher and game dealer who promotes them as Lukyns lamb
  • By having the flock split to lamb Oct and Feb it enables us to supply year round and also have a constant supply of ewe lamb replacements to lamb down atboth times when they are 14 months old this gives the animal chance to grow to its full potential and reduce lambing complications and give a good return on each animal in 14 months

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    Lukyns Traditional lamb is also supplied direct to the customer via our home delivery hamper

    Separate page showing info pictures cost etc.

    Introduction to Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset Sheep
  • The British Sheep Industry is experiencing times that were not thought possible a few years ago. These are challenging times indeed for the flock-master who has to face increased costs and lower profit margins. What can he do to protect his interests and face the future with hope?

    The obvious answer is to look for a breed of sheep that will improve profit margins, reduce overheads and fit in with other farming enterprises. Ideally it should be prolific, easy to handle, hardy, versatile, able to breed at any time of the year and not reliant on a high level of additional nutrition.

    If you are looking for a sheep that is adaptable to any climate or altitude, with a fleece that many breeds would like to aspire to, then this is your sheep. The sheep will provide a regular cash flow by producing lambs frequently, if you wish, three times in two years. It has an economically produced carcass sought after by the retailer and housewife, whose discerning taste is the ultimate challenge.

    If you prefer cross breeding, choose a ewe or ram that will pass many of the above characteristics on to its first cross females, hence improving your profit margins on your existing stock.

    If this is your aim look no further than the Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset Sheep. As the new Millennium gets under way so the Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset Sheep Breeders' Association goes from strength to strength towards new frontiers, promoting the ultimate breed in the twenty first century.

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